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Reply to XL710-BM2 PCIe Link Speed only 5Gbps with PEX8748. Both PEX8748 and XL710 have PCIe CAP 8GT @B_Y Hi @@B_Y, Thank you for your response I don't know how to reply to your reply, clicking reply under your reply doesn't have an edit box, and the Post Reply button doesn't click 1) It’s not a adapter. It’s Ethernet Controller XL710-BM2 on my board.

       Board The schematics and XL710 NVM firmware are shown in the attachment.

2) The CPU core is i7-6822EQ with CM236.

3) Linux

4) I haven’t disable and enable at PEX8748 downstream.

        It’s a post that I found in Intel Ethernet Communities.

       I haven’t contacted Broadcom yet.

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