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using the hps phy via loanios from fpga (de10-nano-soc)

Hi everybody, 


I'm currently struggling to access the hps ethernet phy from fpga. I followed this ( example.  

I need to configure the phy ( using the mdio and mdc pins. However, when i mux the loanio  

pins in qsys:  

And try to assign my 50MHz clock to them from my toplevel:  

When probing the phy pins using an oscilloscope, I do not see my 50Mhz clock as routed  

in the toplevel. On the contrary I see regular mdio accesses from somewhere. 


What am I doing wrong? 


EDIT: SOLVED! you need to generate preloader using bsp-editor, then use alt-boot-disk-util to flash to sd card
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