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3g-sdi test pattern generator

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Hi, everyone. 


I have problem in using 3g-sdi test pattern generator. 


I'm modifying the example code of sdi from Altera. 

(the folder path is "C:\altera\11.1\ip\altera\sdi\example\a2gx_tr") 

In this example code, the test pattern generator is implemented in several HDL files. 

However, I would like to replace these HDL files with the test pattern generator in Altera VIP. 


I've tried to generate a sd-sdi test pattern generator (720*480 interlaced) and a clocked video output in qsys and connect them to the sdi transmitter. This sd-sdi signal is connected back to sd-sdi receiver to check the rx_status. It works. 

However, if I use a 3g-sdi test pattern generator (1920*1080 progressive) and a clocked video output. It doesn't work. 


Does anyone know how to solve this problem? 


Test pattern generator and clocked video output 

wire tx_data; wire tx_ln; wire tx_trs; // instance (3G) tpg_cvo tpg_cvo_inst( .clk_clk(clk_sdi_148_5), .reset_reset_n(~reset), .cvo_clocked_video_vid_clk(clk_sdi_148_5), .cvo_clocked_video_vid_data(tx_data), .cvo_clocked_video_underflow(), .cvo_clocked_video_vid_trs(tx_trs), .cvo_clocked_video_vid_ln(tx_ln) );  


SDI transmitter 

wire tx_std; wire tx_gxb_tx_clkout; // assign tx_std = 2'b10; wire tx_pclk; assign tx_pclk = tx_std? clk_sdi_148_5: (tx_std? clk_sdi_74_25: clk_sdi_27); // instance sdi_tx sdi_tx_inst( .rst_tx(1'b0), .tx_pclk(tx_pclk), .tx_serial_refclk(clk_sdi_148_5), // 148.5MHz .txdata(tx_data), .tx_trs(tx_trs), .tx_ln({11'h000, tx_ln}), .tx_std_select_hd_sdn(), .enable_ln(1'b1), .enable_crc(1'b1), .tx_data_type_a_bn(1'b1), // for 3G-SDI .gxb4_cal_clk(gp_clk), // 100Mhz, 10MHz ~ 125MHz as suggested .sdi_reconfig_clk(clk_50), .sdi_reconfig_togxb(reconfig_togxb), .sdi_gxb_powerdown(1'b0), .tx_std(tx_std), .sdi_tx(tx_p_o), .tx_status(), .gxb_tx_clkout(tx_gxb_tx_clkout), .sdi_reconfig_fromgxb(reconfig_fromgxb) );
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I got this 3G SDI pattern generator from http://questtel.com/item.php?id=3  

and we test it in our lab works perfect
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