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Video synchronism signals on DisplayPort

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I've already developed a few projects involving video standards but I am new to DisplayPort. I was looking at Altera IP documentation and I was wondering if it would be possible to use the IP to transfer images between two FPGAs in a situation where the frame rate is not regular. I mean that the image format is constant and that front/back porch are constant but the time from a frame to another may vary so it would be like to have a variable vertical blanking. 

I've read that newer versions of the standard contains an optional part for adaptive sync but I could not find any mention to this in the IP documentaion. Anyway being DisplayPort a packet oriented standard as far as I understood and being this implementation not directed to a monitor but between FPGAs, it may work. 

Does anyone has some piece of information or experience with Altera DisplayPort IP that hints it will not work? 

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