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Arria 10 DDR4


Hi! I'm working with a board based on Arria10 and DDR4 device MT40A512M16LY-062E.
Question 1. I'm trying to handle this behaviour of i_amm_request signal (Att. 1) when it is deasserted fora long time. Can it be a periodic OCT calibration? I have turned it off in IP parameter editor, but nothing changes. 

Question 2. In IP parameter editor when I'm trying to enable Memory-Mapped Configuration and Status Register (MMR) Interface (want to get access to internal registers), I receive an error (Error: emifddr4.emif_0.ctrl_mmr_slave_0: Interface must have an associated clock) and two messages:  - Warning: emifddr4.emif_0: You have exported the interface ecc_core.ctrl_mmr_slave_0 but not its associated clock interface. Export the driver of ecc_core.emif_usr_clk;
Warning: emifddr4: You have exported the interface emif_0.ctrl_mmr_slave_0 but not its associated clock interface. Export the driver of associatedClock of emif_0.ctrl_mmr_slave_0.

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