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Avalon-ST Serial Peripheral Interface, stsinkready won't go high

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Hi everyone, 


I have some unexpected troubles using the simple Avalon-ST Serial Peripheral Interface Core in my design. The problem is as simple as that stsinkready won't go high, so my whole design just waits for it to send out some data via SPI. I cant figure out the reason. stsinkvalid is low, nreset is high and I perform a reset at powerup. 


Did I get the idea behind the Avalon streaming interface wrong? 


I hope there is a simple and quick solution ;)
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could you give more insights to your system and the setup for the IP?

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I switched over to a different free SPI Slave Core I found on the Internet, that works fine now. 

I noticed, that MISO was an INOUT signal in the Altera Core, but I declared it as a simple OUT in my top level entity. Maybe this was the Problem. Anyway, I've no need to change my design back to the Altera Core and try it, as my main focus was getting a quick solution which I found now.