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Creating real-time acquisition in SignalTap II Logic for DSP Builder system

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I'm attempting to transfer a system built in DSP Builder to Quartus II and simulate it using SignalTap II Logic. On previous projects designed in Quartus II, the files used in SignalTap II Logic (sines.stp) can be used to simulate the system with real-time acquisition. Transferring the system created in DSP Builder to Altera Quartus II however will not result in a system that can be used to have real-time acquisiton. Put another way, if I attempt to stimulate the system in SignalTap II Logic with an .stp file, I will not get real-time acquisition, only acquisition for a given amount of time. 


I analyzed the system I had in DSP Builder and noticed that in the SignalTap II tab in SignalCompiler, there is a SignalTap II depth button that allows for selecting the length of simulation. This allows for a certain number of samples to be produced when using the SignalTap II Analyzer in DSP Builder. This apparently is being transferred to the Quartus II system. It prevents me from doing the real-time acquisition done in other systems. Can you please tell me how to setup DSP Builder or the imported project in Quartus to get real-time acquisition? 




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