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Critical Warning CVI and Median 2d filter Component VIP suite.

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Can some throw light on these 2 warnings ..They are generating removal slack in my design and no output. 



Critical Warning: (Critical) Rule A101: Design should not contain combinational loops. Found 1 combinational loop(s) related to this rule. 

Critical Warning: Node "scop_top:inst|vga_in_inst:the_vga_in_inst|alt_vipcti101_Vid2IS:vga_in_inst|avalon_st_output.packet_post_swap~0" 

Critical Warning: (High) Rule R101: Combinational logic used as a reset signal should be synchronized. Found 1 node(s) related to this rule. 

Critical Warning: Node "scop_top:inst|alt_vip_med_0:the_alt_vip_med_0|alt_vip_med_0_GN:auto_inst|r01038uv1mgcqkxzh2i4cwr9q8h49tn~0"
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