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DDR3 SDRAM Controller Simulation Walkthrough with UniPHY IP

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Has anyone successfully integrated a simulation testbench with the altera_mem_if_ddr3_emif Megawizard into their own design (different port size/width/etc)? 


Following the Altera guidebook (EMI_DG_009-5.1) was fairly straight forward... 


When I try to simulate DDR3 interface with our own design, I realize the top block invoked the DDR3 interface which has different width/bit 


**Warning: (vsim-8684) No drivers exist on our port /U0/U0/afi_clk, and its initial value is not used.  


afi_clk is the PHY Clock generated from the memory controller, I can never see afi_clk or local_init_done been driven in ModelSim, it probably means I am not pointing to the library correctly, or not using the right model. 


Is there a separate file (e.g. .vho) I should be aware of when performing DDR3 simulation? I was able to locate the .vho for all other Megawizard created modules (PLL, etc) except DDR3. 


Many thanks for the help!!
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The mismatch in Avalon port can be resolved by re-generating the core and re-generate example design once more. I found the equivalent model at the example design: <DDR3 TOP>_example_sim_e0_if0.vhd, all we have to do is copy all the associate files into the library and replace it to the <DDR3 TOP>.vhd in my own design to run functional simulation.