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DSP Builder Licensing Error

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When I try to use Signal Compiler I get the error: 

Error: Can't get license for C4D5_512A  

Error: Error opening input file for decryption 



I used the Software Licensing Trouble Shooter. This is my Question and Answer history:
  1. Which software are you having difficulties licensing? DSP Builder 

  2. What DSP Builder licensing problems do you have? I'm installing software for the first time, and it doesn't work. 

  3. You need a license to use DSP Builder. I already installed a license file. 

  4. Did you set the LM_LICENSE_FILE system variable? Yes, I checked the license setup. 

  5. Does your license file contain the FEATURE line to enable support for DSP Builder? Yes 

  6. Which software are you using? DSP Builder with license using the network interface card (NIC) ID 

  7. Does your NIC ID appear properly in Quartus II and match the NIC ID in your license file? Yes 

  8. Check PATH Setting. I'm still having problems. 

The corresponding code is lic 9-D34. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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