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DSP Builder Programming Problem!!

Hi everybody, 


I started working with DSP Builder(with a valid license) and have a problem with the programming using signal compiler block.There is no problem with compiling or other actions (exporting as vhd etc.), but when I want to program the device, I get the following error: 


"Error: Cant' configure device.Expected JTAG code 0x20F10DD for device, but found JTAG ID code 0x020F40DD" 


I have USB Blaster and a DBC3C40 Dev board with Ep3C40F484C7.When I press JTAG scan button, it finds successfully USB Blaster and EP3C40,but when programming, the error above comes.There is any way to change the expected JTAG code?Or how can I solve this problem?Thank you...
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