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DSP Builder help

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i am working on video and image processing project.tvp5146 daughtercard and cyclone II FPGA. 


Daughter-card accept the video in composite NTSC formate 30 FPS, and convert it into YCbCr (8bit data) with BT656 formate. 

the video is interlaced 60 Hz. 

Frame size of video is 1027x768. 

( i am not clear about the difference 60 Hz and 30 FPS ! ) 


Further i want to convert this video to greyscale (by setting Cb and Cr to zero). 



1st of all we will normalize each frame in the video, then we will take small part of each frame (8x8 or 12x12) and apply FFT on it. 


may i can get help how image normalization can be perform in DSP Builder ? 


Thank You
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