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DSP builder 10 installation in Ubuntu 10.10

Hi all,  


My effort is try to install DSP builder 10 in Ubuntu 10.10 64bit. I have already search in this forum and google, but no guide can help me! 


First, I install Quartus 10, and Matlab 2009a 32bit. Everything runs well. And then, I install the DSP builder 10 without errors, but it seems that the installer did not setup the dsp components and classpath for Matlab. So, I try to setup manually following a thread in this forum. 


>> cd /opt/altera/10.0/quartus/dsp_builder/bin/matlab/ >> setupDSPBuilderPath ('install', false, '/opt/altera/10.0/quartus/dsp_builder/bin', '/opt/altera/10.0/quartus/dsp_builder/bin/matlab/', '/opt/altera/10.0/quartus/dsp_builder/bin/mdllibrary') Install type is install Creating board components Error executing : createSBlock('ComponentFactory', 'Stratix_III_EP3SL150_alteradspbuilder2', 'Stratix_III_EP3SL150:config', 'Stratix III 3SL150 FPGA Development Board '); Previous command was : alt_dspbuilder_internal_new_system('Stratix_III_EP3SL150_alteradspbuilder2', 'Library'); Information on the last error: Message: Error using ==> createSBlock at 46 Error due to multiple causes. Failed at createSBlock in /opt/altera/10.0/quartus/dsp_builder/bin/matlab/private/createSBlock.p at line 46 alt_dspbuilder_createComponentLibrary in /opt/altera/10.0/quartus/dsp_builder/bin/matlab/alt_dspbuilder_createComponentLibrary.p at line 28 setupDSPBuilderPath in /opt/altera/10.0/quartus/dsp_builder/bin/matlab/setupDSPBuilderPath.m at line 119 Please help me.  

Thank in advance.
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Problem is solved after hours of working hard. When installing the dsp builder, ignoring the Matlab setup. And the, open Matlab, setup the classpath and dsp block following the DSP installation from Altera.  


I find out that we can run DSP builder 9.1, 10, 10sp1 with Quartus 10 and Matlab 2009a without errors.