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Error compiling Altera Uart 16550 IP Core Cyclone V

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+ Quartus 17 Prime Lite edition 

+ Windows 7 64 bits 

+ Altera 16550 Compatible UART 


I'm trying to use this module via avalon/axi bus. I added the module via qsys with no problems and I compiled a C software using the HWLIB and SoCAL libraries delivered by Altera.  

When I try to compile the project I get this error: 


Error (210039): File xxxxxx/de10nano_uart_16550/quartus/output_files/led_test_time_limited.sof contains one or more time-limited megafunctions that support the OpenCore Plus feature that will not work after the hardware evaluation time expires. Refer to the Messages window for evaluation time details.  


I understand what the error means but I think there is a mistake here given that I'm using the IP Cores delivered with Quartus and no other sources, besides there is no info on the documentation[1] about this megafunction being limited or how can we buy it. 


It generates a limited sof file which works OK while being connected but some implementations are not working (like FIFO). 


This is the first time I get a problem using Qsys + IP cores so I guess it is a bug on Quartus ? 



[1] altera corporation. (2017). embedded peripherals ip user guide. altera documentation, (june), 358. retrieved from https://www.altera.com/literature/ug
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With the Lite edition of the software, even the IP Base Suite, included with Quartus, requires additional licensing (the licensing is included in the Standard and Pro Editions). As such, you're stuck in OpenCore Plus mode. The UART is part of the embedded IP suite. See this (page 59): 


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Thanks man. I will give a try to 30 day trial and see what happens.