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Error creating a new component Qsys

Honored Contributor I

Hello all, 


i'm trying to a integrate PLL ip component in Qsys.  


The error says "Error:  


while executing 

"__altera__safe_load C:/altera/14.1/quartus/bin64/qcl_pll_tcl.dll generic_pll" 

("uplevel" body line 1) 

invoked from within 

"uplevel 1  

[list __altera__safe_load {*}$args]" 

(procedure "load" line 2) 

invoked from within 

"load [file join $::quartus(binpath) qcl_pll_tcl.dll] generic_pll" 

("windows" arm line 2) 

invoked from within 

"switch $tcl_platform(platform) { 

windows { 

load [file join $::quartus(binpath) qcl_pll_tcl.dll] generic_pll 

unix { 

load [file join $::qu..." 

("package ifneeded ::altera::generic_pll 1.0" script) 

invoked from within 

"package require ::altera::generic_pll" and also 


"Error: An instance of Altera PLL could not be created. 

The component had an unexpected internal error." 


I tried to cancel the cache as shown in the Altera solution if you search in internet but doesn't work. I tried to reinstall the Quartus software but still doesn't work. I need this PLL ip component in my project..anyone can help me? I'm using Quartus 14.1 on my PC. 


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