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FFT Megacore in dsp builder



I want to take 2D FFT of a small template(32x32) and a frame (640x480) in the dsp builder.Then there conjugate multiplication.(this is cross correlation or fast convolution FFT2) 

I took 1024 points fft, with data precision of 18 bits and twiddle precision of 18bits. 


As you know video data is unsigned integers. when I took 1D FFT of template then there was difference between matlab and Altera megacore function.I cannot understand this, why this is so, can you help me???? 

At the 1D FFT output I just took signed integers (ignore fractional parts)for further processing(2D FFT).  


further I want to ask, by ignoring fractional parts can I implement fast convolution FFT2 successfully with satisfactory results??? 


Thank You
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