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HD-SDI reconfig on Cyclone IV GX

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I'm trying to get a camera design off the ground as part of my master's thesis using a Cyclone IV GX device with two HD-SDI transmitters (used to transmit different video streams, not dual-link HD-SDI). 


Do I need to hook anything up to the sdi_reconfig_togxb bus on the HD-SDI megacore function? Keep in mind I'm only doing a single, 1.4 Gbps standard HD-SDI rate -- I'm not supporting a triple-rate design or anything fancy like that.  


And it's a transmitter-only. No receivers. 


From reading, it seems like the reconfig stuff is designed to let you switch rates, and is used for receivers. Yet the MegaWizard still generates the sdi_reconfig_togxb port... 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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i believe you need to hook up the reconfig block for offset calibration at a minimum.