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HELP!!! Qsys PCIE miss interrupt signal

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I run the "PCI_Express_in_Qsys_Example_Designs" sample on "Cyclone IV GX starter kit" board. 

Running SGDMA successed. 


i want to know wheather dma is ended by using interrupt. but i can't get the interrupt notification all the times. 


Environment is: 

WindowsXP SP3 

Jungo WinDriver 

PCIE send "legacy level-sensitive interrupt" 


1. enable interrupt at 0x0050 register 

2. clear interrupt state 0x0040 

3. useing WDC_IntEnable register IntHandler function 

4. listen in IntHandler function 

5. clear 0x0040 interrupt state in intHandler function 

6. printf("Got a interrupt\n") in IntHandler function 

I can't get the interrupt all the times. 

I also got the same result by using "MAILBOX" testing.
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