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How instantiate the ALTMEMPHY from tcl script?

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I'm coding a DDR3 controller using the ALTMEMPHY Megacore. 


However, I'm dealing with following options and I need some suggestions: 


1. Instantiate my controller block in Qsys, export my conduit (AFI interface), instantiate ALTMEMPHY and finally and connect all wires and buses - I want avoid this for my user because is a task extremely error prone (I am not even mentioning the problems with SDC, pinplanner and timing bla bla bla) 




2. Discover a way by tcl script to set the parameters and call ALTMEMPHY instantiation from console and produce an automatic connection between PHY and My Controller. - A similar approach is when an user call the DDR3 HPC in Megacore or Qsys, however my IP is for a very specifc Board, so the all final setup, pin, timing adjustments the user doesn't need worry about..  




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