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How to set up the MSGDMA module, and how and when to create descriptors to be able to write 512 x 32 bit Avalon Streaming data packets to SDRAM in Arria 10 SX?



I'm trying to achieve the aforementioned transaction in a 10AS066H3F34I2SG device, but I'm experiencing erroneous operation on the f2sdram AXI interface. On the following picture three complete transaction is shown and can be seen, that in the first write burst all 4 bits of WSTRB signal goes low before finishing all writes (at around clock cycle 512).

Screenshot from 2019-12-11 16-08-07.png

Here I have a zoomed picture as well:

Screenshot from 2019-12-11 16-08-23.png

The MSGDMA module is created in Platform Designer 18.1 Build 625 with the following settings (and all other reasonable settings have already been tried out also resulting in wrong behaviour):Screenshot from 2019-12-12 16-26-08.png

The descriptors are generated inside the FPGA, written a couple of clock cycles after the Avalon St end-of-packet gets asserted (let me mention another error here: according to this the sop shall be asserted along with the first valid data, but doing so the MSGDMA then will skip writing that first channel data). In the extended descriptors I create the 'GO' and 'End on EOP' bits are set to '1'. The 2nd picture shows a descriptor_slave_writedata with all unused data bytes set to 0xDC

As the MSGDMA documentation doesn't say anything about the write order of data packet and descriptors, or how the end on EOP works, different methods have been tried (length field set to MAX with end on EOP enabled, length field set to 2048 with end on EOP disabled, etc.), none of them resulted in the desired operation.

Thank you for your help in advance,

G. Ivanyi

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Please check the following examples for msgdma:


Please let me know if you are looking for something else.


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