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How to simulate Quartus IP (PLL in my case) with


Hello, i created PLL IP with Quartus and i would like to simulate it with SimVision.
i found the next document: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/programmable/documentation/gft1513990268888.html#irl1522185820414

section 6.2 should describe the steps but im not sure exactly what to do.


i found similar file as described in the manual but not the same.

Do i need to use with what generated (.sh file, attached) with Quartus or what exist in the manual?
do i need to add top.v?
how to use use with mine .v files and generated IP?
what is the command that running the simulation?





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To add your mine.v file, add it to the /common/xcelium_files.tcl file just the way other design files are added. You need to take care of the sequence of the files. Top level module/entity should be compiled last.

After this you need to check and/or edit the variable TOP_LEVEL_NAME= in xcelium_setup.sh file.

These scripts basically ease the job of adding files and specifying any simulation option required by the user.

Once your xcelium_setup.sh and xcelium_files.tcl are set, you just need to source the xcelium_setup.sh file in the simulator. To do this just give command:

source <script generation output directory>/xcelium/xcelium_setup.sh

Hope this helps.


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