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How to use the SDC file provided by the Megawizard plugin manager in my project


I am new to Altera and first time using the Quartus tools for my project. 

I am using triple speed RGMII ethernet MAC generated using Megawizard plugin manager 

I instantiated the MAC some level down the project hierarchy. The Megawizard also provided a .sdc file which I included in my quartus project. 


But when I perform timing analysis using the timequest timing analyzer, it shows warnings as mentioned below. 


Warning: Ignored assignment: create_clock -name {altera_tse_ff_tx_clk_} -period 10.000 -waveform { 0.000 5.000 } [get_ports {ff_tx_clk}] 


I understood from the above warning that the port name referred is the port name declared in that MAC module. But I have connected it to my clock source.  


The question here is how to use the provided SDC file to constrain the instantiated core. 


Thanks in advance, 

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