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Intel FPGA Avalon I2C (Master) Core F-RAM

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I am trying to communicate with FM31278. 

Link: http://www.cypress.com/file/126916/download 


This device communicate via I2C. I Use Avalon I2C (Master) Core. I use altera example code found in datasheet.  




This example doesnt work. I successfully wrote data to F-Ram. Then I call function "alt_avalon_i2c_master_tx_rx". This function returns status -2. I connected oscilloscope to the I2C and took a snapshot of the rx_tx message: 


https://alteraforum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=14570&stc=1 https://alteraforum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=14571&stc=1 It looks like it sends correctly tx message. Then it restarts and send write beside read message. I tryed to debug this example and cchecked whitch values It writes to the TFR_CMD register. It writes correct value (F-RAM address 83): 


IOWR_ALT_AVALON_I2C_TFR_CMD(i2c_dev->i2c_base,val | (issue_restart << ALT_AVALON_I2C_TFR_CMD_STA_OFST) | (issue_stop << ALT_AVALON_I2C_TFR_CMD_STO_OFST)); 


val: 167 

issue_restart: 1 

issue_stop: 0 


Please can you help me with this problem? I absolutely dont know why It doesnt work and how to fix this. 


Thank you.
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