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Memory DDR3

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Hello , 


The problem I have with DDR3 memory .I have Cyclone V and memory MT41K128M16-107 , it is an external system with a different processor . 

With Semiconductor intellectual property core utilizes a block DDR3 . Dating I set parameters according to the Documentation. 


PLL_REF_CLK - 100 

MHzMemory clock speed - 300 MHz 

PLL reference clock frequency - 100 MHz 


Here I have a question I have a problem because I get the data from the frequency of 80 MHz , but Controller moments together draws me because waitrequest filled TO buffer .  


I have to use FIFO with a record of 80 MHz and read to do a level of 45 MHz - then the IS OK. 

mp_cmd_clk - set to 45 MHz . 


Why I can not write / read at a frequency of 80 MHz ?
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