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Modular SGDMA Moving

Honored Contributor II

The mSGDMA design located here will be moving to the Altera wiki:  




There will be a bug fix added to the read master to prevent a rare FIFO overflow issue so if you are currently using it keep an eye out for the new version on the wiki next week. Once I have the wiki page created I'll put a link to it in this post.
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Ok here is the new home..... I'm still working on the page: http://www.alterawiki.com/wiki/modular_sgdma 


The old link is being killed off so if you use this IP please switch over to using the wiki version since it has an additional bug fix. 


I'll list this on the wiki page but the new version on the wiki is intended to be provided as is and only bug fixes should be made to it. If you want to contribute to a derivative mSGDMA make a new wiki page to host the derivative and link to it from the main page. In other words the main page is treated as the basis and the derivative pages are the one-off versions with extra features removed/added that others may not want.