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NIOSII&DDR2 controller in CycloneIII.

I have a design with a NIOSII with a DDR2 controller in a Cyclone III device and I am using the Quartus/NIOS V7.2 tooling.  


I have a problem with running a program from the DDR2 controller. At the moment I have a test program which starts in onchip memory, hello world 1 example, and a function, hello world 2, which is located in DDR2 memory. So the program jumps to the DDR2 program memory.  


First the IDE tooling downloads the software into the CycloneIII and the DDR2 memory, downloading and verifying is ok. If I single step through my code everything is ok, hello world 1 works, until the program jumps to the DDR2 memory. The program counter is changed to the start of the DDR2 memory and then the NIOSII gives a target lost connection error and the NIOS II is reset. 


I have no idea what the reason is for this error.  


Does anyone have suggstions???
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