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Need example using OpenCores MAC on DE2-115

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Hi, all,  


I am trying to use Avalon OpenCores 10/100 Ethernet MAC developed by jakobjones on a DE2-115 board but no success.  


I followed the document of jakobjones to connect the MAC in Qsys and tried to run a simple socket server in Nios II IDE with ETH_OCM_PHY_SUPPORT_MVL88E1111 symbol defined. But I met two problem getting the example running successfully.  


1. The Nios II project generated by Nios II IDE contains a tse_my_system.c file, which includes tse driver files that don't exist in the BSP. 

2. If I exclude that tse_my_system.c file from Nios II build, I could get the simple socket server to run but I keep getting DHCP timeout. I also tried static IP but still no luck.  


InterNiche Portable TCP/IP, v3.1 Copyright 1996-2008 by InterNiche Technologies. All rights reserved. Your Ethernet MAC address is 00:07:ed:ff:cd:15 prepped 1 interface, initializing... mctest init called IP address of et1 : Created "Inet main" task (Prio: 2) Created "clock tick" task (Prio: 3) DHCP timed out, going back to default IP address(es) Simple Socket Server starting up Simple Socket Server listening on port 30 Created "simple socket server" task (Prio: 4) 


Could anyone kindly help me by showing me a working design example of OpenCores MAC on DE2-115 board? 


Thank you in advance for your help. 


Best regards, 

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