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PCIe memory read request. (from device to PC memory)

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Hello all.  



I have a problem with PCIe memory read request. I'm requested data from PC memory and I'm received this data. But after this data come again and again. I'm did't send any request but same data is coming and coming. Tag is ok. Data is ok. How to stop it? And why is sending this data? PC? PCIe core?  



I'm receive this data as any other.  

I'm wait for  


assign rx_is_cpld_n = ((pcie.rx_desc==1'b1) & (pcie.rx_desc == `TLP_TYPE_CPLD) ) ? 1'b1 : 1'b0; assign rx_tag_hit_n = (pcie.rx_desc == DMA_TAG ) ? 1'b1 : 1'b0; assign our_data_come = (pcie.rx_req && rx_is_cpld_n && rx_tag_hit_n)?1'b1:1'b0; When our_data_come is true, I'm set pcie.rx_ack to one for one clock cycle and receive data while pcie.rx_dv is set.
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