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Port "pll_powerdown" does not exist in macrofunction "serdes"

Honored Contributor II

I'm getting the error 'Port "pll_powerdown" does not exist in macrofunction "serdes"' trying to rebuild an old Arria II GX project under Quartos 9.1 (build 350 SP2). 


There is a support note http://www.altera.co.uk/support/kdb/solutions/rd04052011_141.html but that refers to a problem in Quartos 10 web edition. The link to the release notes is completely unhelpful - wrong version. 


I suspect that our last release was built using a very slightly earlier version of quartos, and that the qsys part wasn't regenerated after quartos was updated. 


Any ideas about how to get this built?
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Quartus II 9.1 is just too old. Advise is to use newer Quartus II, at least v14.0, 14.1 or 15.0.