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Problems due to floating point matrix multiplication megafunction

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All dear colleagues, 

I need to instantiate an Altera float-point matrix multiplication megafunction in my Verilog design, and plan to input control signals generated by one-hot state machine. The two matrix are 2x8 and 8x2 respectively, and data format is 32 bit. 


The problem is that the files generated by the quartusII13.0 megafunction wizard have errors, such as in the .v file there is Error (272006): MGL_INTERNAL_ERROR: Port altfp_matrix_mult|altfp_matrix_mult_aamat inst altfp_matrix_mult_aamat6|dffe inst rowcountff|q is of width 1 but the range indices are (1, 1) CAUSE : The range indices are illegal, either the higher index is more than the width of the port or the lower index is less than 0. The error location is in the port declaration just like this, .vector_m_data ({256{1'b0}})) 

In addition, in the .tdf file,there is Error (287078): Assertion error: Valid clear box generator not found or Errors encountered during clear box generation 


I suppose the syntax I used has something wrong, and the design examples from Altera website are in VHDL and not controlled by state machine but by signals input in a testbench. Thus, could someone please help me to analyze the problem or offer me some complete examples written in Verilog including state machine and instantiation? 


Thanks a bunch in advance.
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