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Quartus II v10 DDR3 timing problem

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I have problems compiling an unofficial reference project for the Arria II GX FPGA Development Kit (http: // www .altera.com/products/devkits/altera/kit-aiigx-pcie.html). 


The project contains an Nios 2 processor and some peripheral components like the DDR3 controller and triple speed ethernet MAC. 


Since there are no ethernet reference projects for this kit, i use the Nios II Ethernet Standard Design Example (http: // www .altera.com/support/examples/nios2/exm-net-std-de.html). It supports Cyclone III and Stratix IV. 


From http: // www .nioswiki.com/ExampleDesigns/Nios_II_Ethernet_Standard_RGMII_Design_Example i get an modified version which work for the Arria II GX and uses the RGMII interface my kit is supposed to use. 


The problem is this design is targeted to Quartus II v9.1 and i use v10. The design compiles fine in 9.1 but there is a bunch of new problems with that. The RGMII software support in 9.1 for example. 


So when i compile in v10 i get the following message: 

Critical Warning: DDR Timing requirements not met 


TimeQuest shows that the problem is in Read Capture: 

Info: Address Command (Slow 900mV 85C Model) | 1.480 0.803 

Info: Half Rate Address/Command (Slow 900mV 85C Model) | 4.778 0.738 

Info: Phy (Slow 900mV 85C Model) | 0.647 0.230 

Info: Phy Reset (Slow 900mV 85C Model) | 0.749 0.493 

Warning: Read Capture (Slow 900mV 85C Model) | -0.010 0.577 

Info: Read Resync (All Conditions) | 0.638 0.779 

Info: Write (Slow 900mV 85C Model) | 0.232 0.317 


Do anyone have an advice of what is should do to remedy this problem. I have tried changing clock frequencies but the 300 MHz is use now is as low as i can go. 


I have attached the whole timequest report + two extracts of it where the timing fails. 


Any help would be appreciated. 



Christian S.
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I have also -  

warning massage: Read resync (all conditions) 

critical warning: DDR timing requierement not met 


If any one can help?
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sorry, just for test

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Hi kongsovs and ra2m, 


Did you find any solution to this problem?