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Scatter-Gather DMA Controller Core

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I am looking to transfer video stream data to memory and SGDMA seems to be supporting this function. The maximum data width that SGDMA core supports is 64-bits. But my data path is 192-bit wide. Are there any cores in Altera library, that can support my data width. 


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If you switch to the Modular Scatter-Gather DMA core (mSGDMA) the max data width is 1024 bits. But 192 is not a power of 2 so you'll need a gasket of some kind anyway. Qsys could probably do the width conversion for you, but then you're forced to use Qsys (not my favorite tool). The Avalon protocol is really very easy to work with. I would recommend that you write your own width converter in your HDL of choice. 


Hope this helps.