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Serial Flash Controller vs QUAD SPI controller



I'm working on using EPCQ flash memory in Cyclone 10 GX board. While designing my Nios II processor using platform designer, I'm confused between "Intel FPGA Serial Flash Controller II" Ip core and "Intel FPGA Generic QUAD SPI Controller II" IP core.

I've previously used Intel FPGA Serial Flash Controller II core to store FPGA image in EPCQ, and as the name suggests "Generic QUAD SPI Controller" should be able to be used with EPCQ devices. If so, what's the difference?

I'm working on designing a web server, and now totally confused about using the IP cores as well as where to store my FPGA image, Nios Application code as well as the webpage contents.

Any additional info will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, The Intel FPGA Serial Flash Controller II IP is used for the EPCQ flash that is connected to the dedicated pin and while the Generic Quad SPI Controller II IP will provide support of external pin and will support more QSPI Flash. Please refer to https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/programmable/documentation/sfo1400787952932.html#iga14314594...