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SignalTap with DSP Builder Advanced Blockset

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Hi People! 


Im using DSP Builder to make a FIR Filter.  

I used the Altera Advanced Blockset in Simulink to 'build' this filter and I have tested it with a .wav (made using the command in Matlab wavwrite() and exported to Simulink as a block). 


Now, Id like to test it using the SignalTap. I already programmed the .sof in the board, and Id like to test the hardware using the .wav generated by the Matlab.  


Is that possible?  

Is also possible to use SignalTap with Advanced Blockset? Im not sure, because I did not find any examples for this application. 


Thanks and best regards.
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use SignalTap in Quartus after importing your DSPBA generated RTL

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Thanks for your answer! 


But my problem is that I dont have any signals in my board to test this hardware.. I want to use the .wav file generated by Matlab to do that.  


Im very lost.. and I dont know if it is possible. 


If it is not, i have to use the ADC and it is more complicated..  


Id like to test only the filter..
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ah, in this case take a look at DSP Builder Standard Blockset's Hardware In the Loop (HIL) feature. i believe there are instructions for using DSPBA designs with HIL in the documentation