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Unable to do PCIe example design simulation in ModelSim PE

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I followed the instructions given in the Cyclone V PCIe userguide and generated the example design. I than used msim_setup.tcl in ModelSim-Altera and was successful in doing the simulation. I than did the same in ModelSim-PE. However ModelSim-PE does not already have all the libraries compiled and thus msim_setup.tcl does not work. 


However I came across another script hidden deep inside. This is called pcie_mti_setup.tcl. When I execute this in Moldelsim-Altera it does not work. However when I run this in ModelSim-PE it does not give any read lines for a while and than stops with this: 

# Top level modules:# ** Error: no files matched glob pattern "*_tb.spd"# Error in macro ./pcie_mti_setup.tcl line 155# no files matched glob pattern "*_tb.spd"# while executing# "glob "*_tb.spd" "# (procedure "get_ver_file_list" line 4)# invoked from within# "get_ver_file_list "# invoked from within# "set pcie_testbench [ get_ver_file_list ]" 


I am completely lost on this. How can one do simulation of PCIe IP in ModelSim-PE?
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