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Using Txd, Rxd, CTS# and RTS# with FT232RL

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Hi all, 


I'm trying to use FT232RL according to to scheme from it's datasheet (fig6.4 for power and fig7.4 for communication) 


I have loaded driver from FTDI and use Rx and Tx LEDs separately. My board is detected by the PC and LEDs blink after pluggin.  


My question is the following : 

Can someone know where I can find information about how to use correctly Txd, Rxd, CTS#, RTS# and CLK_12MHz (from FT232RL to my FPGA) to begin communication between my PC and my FPGA ? 


I'm still searching but can't get chronogram and usefull information to begin my state machine in VHDL (no NIOS) in order to reach the highest datarate. 


Thanks in advance for any information.
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