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Using registers to debug in SignalTap

I've been using this technique for several months, and I'm curious if anyone else does the same or if there is a better way. 


When I want to track a signal in SignalTap, I do the following: 

  1. Add a RegOut block to my model and give it a name like "DebugFIFODataOut". 

  2. Generate DSP Builder, Qsys, and run Synthesis 

  3. In SignalTap, search for *debugfifodataout* with filter set to Design Entry (all names). 

  4. Drill down to the busSlaveFabric_* 

  5. Insert the in_AMMregisterPortData* and in_AMMregisterPortWriteEn* 

  6. Add meaningful Aliases to the signals 



Note that you can use the write signal on the register as well as you are not actually concerned with register itself.
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