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VIP mixer debugging #2

Honored Contributor II

Another issue with the VIP mixer module but in a different situation hence a separate post. 


I am having problems being able to display my layer2 when I have clipped my input and appropriately scaled my background layer. My sequence is: 


turn off all active layers (1,2) 

adjust clipper width 

set new TPG width = 2x clipper new width 

write to the TPG background color registers ** 

turn on layer 1 

pause ~ 5sec 

turn on layer 2 


What I am observing is that my layer one reliably turns on and is the correct size on the correct background color and the background is properly scaled. But any time that I try and turn on layer2 my pipeline stalls out and I no longer get data out.  


I have tried some extra delays, turning off modules then back on in logical orders but there must be something more that I'm missing. 


As always, suggestions are always welcome!
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