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[Video Sync Generator] Cannot send 24-bit RGB

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I have a problem with generating data for an LCD. 

I do have the 5MP camera from terasic, and that works fine. I can see the output on my VGA screen. 

I have also a LCD screen. I want to use the [Video Sync Generator] (Pheripherals > Display) That module is created for LCD's with an Altera MAX chip. These chips works with 8 bit parallel (3 beats). But I don't have a LCD with these MAX chips, so I need the three 8-bit signals parallel, so 24 bits per clock tick. 

That is supported by that module.  


Now is the problem that I have the image resampled to 24bit (3x8), but that has to be merged together to just 24 bits, otherwise the module will not accept it. 


I have already tryed to do that with Color Plane Sequencer, but without results.  


Is there a solution? So is it possible to resample 24bit (3x8) to 24bit(1x24) ? 




The Netherlands (sorry for my bad English;))
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i'm not sure you can do this with included Qsys components, you might have to write a simple custom component

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Thanks for you're reply, 


I solved the problem by using another controller, the VGA controller. There is also an option for LCD screens, and with a bit of editing the source code, it works with my screen.