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WLAN AHB bridge , AMBA

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Hi everyone, as a masters graduate student project i have to do a calculation related to WLAN AHB bridge , and i have pretty much no idea what to do . so any help would be highly appreciated. this is what i have to do : 


i have to make a specification of WLAN AHB bridge , and do calculation of how to handle the AHB bus bridge (connecting 1Ghz ARM and WLAN) , e.g i have to make a formula ( or excell sheet) for the wlan speed to bridge clock speed , e,g if i connect a 11Mbps wlan through a bridge to this AHB bus operated at 1Ghz( although it would also spare time for other peripherals from the time, so almost 1Ghz) , how would i do that speed calculation , with a FIFO (what size) ? 


i couldn't find any reference for this except one paper but it dosn't have any calculations or any clear construction specs . 


the paper i found: 

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come on guys. any idea!!!