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What is exactly CSV format for Scaler coefficients file??

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I've spent long time to guess the format of coefficients file but failed. 


in VIP guide is very poor, there is no mention about exact format. Only about values delimited by comma. 

i've tried to supply the file with this data: 

-4,0,37,64,37,0,-4,0 -5,3,42,63,31,-2,-3,0 -5,6,47,62,26,-4,-3,0 -6,10,52,59,20,-5,-2,0 -5,15,56,56,15,-5,-1,-1 -5,20,59,52,10,-6,-1,-1 -4,26,62,47,6,-5,0,-1 -2,31,63,42,3,-5,0,-1 0,37,64,37,0,-4,0,-1 3,42,63,31,-2,-3,0,-1 6,47,62,26,-4,-3,0,-1 10,52,59,20,-5,-2,0,-1 15,56,56,15,-5,-1,-1,-1 20,59,52,10,-6,-1,-1,-1 26,62,47,6,-5,0,-1,-1 31,63,42,3,-5,0,-1,0  

But MegaWizard always generates an empty MIF file.  

Does anyone has an example of correct file?
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You may encounter this problem if you incorrectly specify the names of the vertical coefficient file, or horizontal coefficient file, in the Scaler II IP’s GUI. 

Do supply a CSV file containing custom coefficient and enter the file name (including full path and .csv) in the Scaler II IP’s GUI. And check the mif file. 


Best Regards, 

Anand Raj Shankar 

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When i supply incorrect path, then i see in QSYS generation log that file cannot be found. So, the path should be correct. 

If you work for Intel, why don't provide here example of correct CSV file? It doesn't matter what coefficients it will have. I just need any file which will be accepted.