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access to on-chip RAM in SOPC builder

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HI All, 

I have instantiated a dual port Ram in my system together with the PCIe core and a DMA using SOPC builder. I was hoping I will gain access to the RAM port in order to shove data in to be read across the PCIe interface. Unfortunately when the system is generated, the only signals made available on the toplevel are the PCIe signals which leaves me with no way of accessing the RAM unless via PCIe interface.  


I was wondering if there is some sort of getting the RAM ports all the way to the toplevel of the system in SOPC builder as well so I can update the contents of what is to be read by the DMA. 

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there was a thread concerning a similar problem a few days ago. You can look at  

http://www.alteraforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28611, this may help.