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avalon ST video protocol hard time

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Hi everyone, 

i'm working on arria10 soc board and i try to display a video that comes from a gigabit ethernet link and a 640x512 24b (8 bits per pixels + 3 color planes) rgb custom camera. For the moment, i don't use DDR4 for image buffering.  

Instead i use a huge 2 ports on-chip memory for test (1310720 bytes). ( slave0 -> ram to dma interface(clock 148.5 MHz), slave1 -> camera rgb pixel (clock 125MHz)) 

I have a state machine that writes pixel data to this RAM on slave1 side while there is a DMA (university program one, consecutive addressing) that reads (slave0) this RAM  

The vip mixer has 2 input : 1) 640*512 test pattern generator color bars 2) DMA  


In my C program, i start IPs in this order 1)cvo 2)mixer 3)test pattern 4)dma 

For the moment, i can display the color bars but as soon as i start the DMA, it disappears and only back ground from mixer is shown. 


My questions are : 

1- do i have to write a st control packet to ram firstor it's generated by dma itself? 

2- if yes, is this control frame sequence valid?  

sof + data_to_stvideo <= x"00000" & "1111"  

data_to_stvideo <= x"00" & Iwidth(7 downto 4) & Iwidth(11 downto 8) & Iwidth(15 downto 12) 

data_to_stvideo <= x"00" & Iheight(11 downto 8) & Iheight(15 downto 12) & Iwidth(3 downto 0) 

data_to_stvideo <= x"00" & Interlacing_nibble & Iheight(3 downto 0) & Iheight(7 downto 4) 

2- I write pixel data to ram like this but i'm not 100% sure : data_to_ram(31 downto 24) <= (others => '0') and data_to_ram(23 downto 0) <= red&green&blue and i increment address on next pixel 


thank you for anything that can help me
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Update : i see on signal tap that the video dma actually reads the memory from address 0x0 -> 0x4FFFF which is the right address span for 640x512, but no output is displayed. Test pattern generator still stops when i start the dma

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Hello there! Could you please tell us how do you start the DMA?

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i only write 0x4 to status register (offset 12)