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can't get any response from TSE core

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hi all, 


I want to use the TSE megacore without NIOS processor. The problems is that I can't get any response from the core, even when I set the tse as the top-level entity and reset it. The wave of modelsim is attached. Is there any option that I missed or wrong operation? Thanks a lot in advance.
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have solved the problem. it was due to the .do file generated by quartus. 


transcript on if {} { vdel -lib rtl_work -all } vlib rtl_work vmap work rtl_work vcom -93 -work work {D:/WyBaby/Documents/SIEMENS/FPGA/Project/9_2frame_1/src/tse_mac.vho} vcom -93 -work work {D:/WyBaby/Documents/SIEMENS/FPGA/Project/9_2frame_1/src/tse_mac.vhd} vlog -vlog01compat -work work +incdir+D:/WyBaby/Documents/SIEMENS/FPGA/Project/9_2frame_1/src/triple_speed_ethernet-library {D:/WyBaby/Documents/SIEMENS/FPGA/Project/9_2frame_1/src/triple_speed_ethernet-library/altera_tse_reset_synchronizer.v} vcom -93 -work work {D:/WyBaby/Documents/SIEMENS/FPGA/Project/9_2frame_1/simulation/modelsim/tse_mac_tb.vhd} vsim -t 1ps -L altera -L lpm -L sgate -L altera_mf -L altera_lnsim -L cycloneive -L rtl_work -L work -voptargs="+acc" tse_mac_vhd_tst add wave * view structure view signals run 100 us  


i changed the position of line 8 and line 9 and 'do run_msim_rtl_vhdl.do', then it gave the right output. 


then what is the .vho file and how does it work? thx a lot in advance.
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