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dynamic termination control

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Hello All, 

I m using quartus 11.I have added "ddr2_sdram" in qsys .System generation got the success.But in quartus compilation-fitter,there is one strange error i m getting: 



--- Quote Start ---  

"I/O ddr2_deva_mem_dq" has dynamic termination control connected,but does not use parallel termination" 

--- Quote End ---  



I have no idea regarding this error.What does this mean? 

If any idea about the solution,kindly tell me
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Hello, I just got the same message in the 13.1 tools. The help says http://quartushelp.altera.com/13.0/mergedprojects/logicops/logicops/def_dynamic_oct_control_group.ht... I have searched the qsf for dynamic_oct_control_group with no results. Which part of the flow takes this assignment?:confused: