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fir_compiler+ii error id 15008

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I have created a decimation filter using MegaCore FIR Compiler II, this produces the frequency plot I want and compiles without errors.  


When I add this to my design in Quartus and compile I get the following error messages:- 


15008 MLAB "dsp_block:inst 27| ................. |altsyncram_atv3:auto_generated|lutrama0" on port "Port A, data In" has illegal width "0". The correct width is "1" 


15010 MLAB "dsp_block:inst 27| ................. |altsyncram_atv3:auto_generated|lutrama0" is implementing memory in non-ROM mode, but the port "Port A, Data In" is not connected 


15464 WYSIWYG primitive "dsp_block:inst 27| ................. |altsyncram_atv3:auto_generated|lutrama0" has mismatched parameters for port Port A, Data In 


Any help on how to fix this would be much appreciated 


Using Quartus V14.0 

Device Cyclone V 5CSEBA6U23I7 





-- Generated by Altera MegaWizard Launcher Utility version 1.0 

-- ************************************************************ 


-- ************************************************************ 

-- Copyright (C) 1991-2015 Altera Corporation 

-- Any megafunction design, and related net list (encrypted or decrypted), 

-- support information, device programming or simulation file, and any other 

-- associated documentation or information provided by Altera or a partner 

-- under Altera's Megafunction Partnership Program may be used only to 

-- program PLD devices (but not masked PLD devices) from Altera. Any other 

-- use of such megafunction design, net list, support information, device 

-- programming or simulation file, or any other related documentation or 

-- information is prohibited for any other purpose, including, but not 

-- limited to modification, reverse engineering, de-compiling, or use with 

-- any other silicon devices, unless such use is explicitly licensed under 

-- a separate agreement with Altera or a megafunction partner. Title to 

-- the intellectual property, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, 

-- trade secrets, or maskworks, embodied in any such megafunction design, 

-- net list, support information, device programming or simulation file, or 

-- any other related documentation or information provided by Altera or a 

-- megafunction partner, remains with Altera, the megafunction partner, or 

-- their respective licensors. No other licenses, including any licenses 

-- needed under any third party's intellectual property, are provided herein. 


-- Retrieval info: <instance entity-name="altera_fir_compiler_ii" version="14.0" > 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="deviceFamily" value="Cyclone V" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="filterType" value="Decimation" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="interpFactor" value="1" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="decimFactor" value="8" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="L_bandsFilter" value="All taps" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="clockRate" value="16" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="clockSlack" value="0" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="speedGrade" value="Medium" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="coeffReload" value="false" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="baseAddress" value="0" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="readWriteMode" value="Read/Write" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="backPressure" value="false" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="symmetryMode" value="Symmetrical" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="delayRAMBlockThreshold" value="20" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="dualMemDistRAMThreshold" value="1280" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="mRAMThreshold" value="1000000" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="hardMultiplierThreshold" value="-1" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="inputRate" value="16" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="inputChannelNum" value="1" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="inputType" value="Signed Binary" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="inputBitWidth" value="16" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="inputFracBitWidth" value="0" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="coeffSetRealValue" value="4.0,7.0,8.0,8.0,5.0,-1.0,-12.0,-29.0,-50.0,-77.0,-107.0,-138.0,-166.0,-188.0,-199.0,-192.0,-163.0,-106.0,-18.0,104.0,260.0,450.0,668.0,909.0,1165.0,1424.0,1677.0,1911.0,2114.0,2277.0,2390.0,2449.0,2449.0,2390.0,2277.0,2114.0,1911.0,1677.0,1424.0,1165.0,909.0,668.0,450.0,260.0,104.0,-18.0,-106.0,-163.0,-192.0,-199.0,-188.0,-166.0,-138.0,-107.0,-77.0,-50.0,-29.0,-12.0,-1.0,5.0,8.0,8.0,7.0,4.0" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="coeffType" value="Signed Binary" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="coeffScaling" value="None" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="coeffBitWidth" value="16" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="coeffFracBitWidth" value="15" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="outType" value="Signed Binary" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="outMSBRound" value="Saturating" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="outMsbBitRem" value="7" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="outLSBRound" value="Rounding" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="outLsbBitRem" value="15" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="resoureEstimation" value="1000,1200,10" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="bankCount" value="1" /> 

-- Retrieval info: <generic name="bankDisplay" value="0" /> 

-- Retrieval info: </instance> 

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