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jtag uart reading and parameters

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Hello all, 

do you have some experiences with setting Altera logging options, which are meantioned on page 6-11, 6-12 in Nios II Software Developers Handbook ? I mean the ALT_LOG_JTAG_UART_TICKS - default is 10 (ticks per second). Or HW FIFO wspace = 64. Where am i able to set these values ? 

When we use in linux terminal some command like this: 

\> cat file.hex > nios2-terminal 


and i have some design and program which read jtag uart and sending on the leds, i saw on oscilloscope that i am able to read only 64 bytes per 100ms (its determinated i think these parameters ALT_LOG_JTAG_UART_TICKS and HW FIFO wspace = 64) and it is too small for my application. 


Thank you for your answer. 


Jan Naceradsky, Czech Republic
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