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onchip RAM resource usage

Hi all 

I'm using a cyclone III EP3C40 device which boasts 126 M9K blocks for over 1Mbit onchip RAM. 

I understand that 'real' memory bits are 8/9, so I have almost exactly 1Mbit. 

My former design used 618472 memory bits and fitter report correctly shows 53% RAM is used. 

So I increased the onchip RAM used in sopc builder, 8kbytes more: it should still fit in my device. 

But Quartus answer is not! 

When Quartus processes the design, it tells me it can't fit in the device because I'm using 102% of available memory. 

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It depends how effeciently you are using the memory. each M9k holds 9kbits, and can only be used by 1 thing. If you have something in the design somewhere that doesnt use the memories to their max potential (like I suspenct you have) then you run into the situation you have.

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Thank you for your answer, Tricky 

You are right. I explored the fitter report and found out: 

Total memory bits: 618472 ot 1161216 (53%) 

M9Ks: 122 of 127 (97%) 


These are the ip modules using M9Ks in my design: 

- Nios II/f with cache 

- clock crossing bridge 

- 4 onchip memory  

- 2 tse mac 

- 2 sgdma 

- epcs and jtag controllers 

If I understand correctly what you said, even if Quartus reports a device utilizing only 40 memory bits, actually it requires a whole M9K block, then 8kbits ! 

I discovered tse and sgdma modules contain plenty of such devices. 

Can I overcome this situation?  

I believe I once saw somewhere an option forcing synthesis of memory into registers rather than M9K but now I can't find it any more. Is this possible and safe? 


Thank you