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signal compiler errors: not updating model changes properly?

Hi there,  


I am working on a combined (both standard and advanced) blockset design which is simulating and compiling fine in signal compiler. I'm periodically running signal compiler after making changes and simulating.  


In a given design, if I make a change (e.g. change the name of a subsystem from AB to AB_change), simulate, and then try to recompile, the compilation fails. The error message seems to indicate that there are two conflicting subsystems now: 

Error (10430): VHDL Primary Unit Declaration error at two_cordic_again_safe_path.vhd(5): primary unit "two_cordic_again_safe_path" already exists in library "work" File: F:/user/proj/matlab/simulink_test/hw_dest/two_cordic_again/AB_change/two_cordic_again_safe_path.vhd Line: 5 

Error (10784): HDL error at two_cordic_again_safe_path.vhd(5): see declaration for object "two_cordic_again_safe_path" File: F:/user/proj/matlab/simulink_test/hw_dest/two_cordic_again/AB/two_cordic_again_safe_path.vhd Line: 5 


So it seems that something is not properly updating its current knowledge of the model with this subsystem name change.  


Noticing that the <projname>_add.tcl file now has an extra line still for the old name, I delete this line manually, and I also delete the directory in the hardware destination directory for the old subsystem. But something doesn't like my rash behavior -- signal compiler now gives the following error: 


couldn't read file "../hw_dest/two_cordic_again/AB/AB.add.tcl": no such file or directory 

while executing 

"source "$mdldir/hw_dest/two_cordic_again/AB/AB.add.tcl"" 

(file "../DSPBuilder_two_cordic_again_import/two_cordic_again_AB_entity_add.tcl" line 1) 

invoked from within 

"source [file join $mdldir "DSPBuilder_two_cordic_again_import/two_cordic_again_AB_entity_add.tcl" ]" 

(file "../two_cordic_again_add.tcl" line 16) 

invoked from within 

"source "$model_addfile"" 

(file "C:\DOCUME~1\user\LOCALS~1\Temp\generateProject8042378375381520367.tcl" line 27)Error: Evaluation of Tcl script C:\DOCUME~1\user\LOCALS~1\Temp\generateProject8042378375381520367.tcl unsuccessful 


I'm running matlab2009b, DSP Builder 9.1, Quartus II 9.1 on WindowsXP.  


Is there some bug with the signal compiler not clearing something out? Is there a viable workaround (whether it involves deleting lines/directories/files or not)? Any help is much appreciated.  



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