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BTS not detecting device

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I am trying to run the board test system for the Arria V development kit on windows 7 and I keep getting the error message of 

Connecting to the target...java.lang.Exception: Could not find device 5AGGXFB3 

This problem could be caused by different version of Quartus. Please ensure the right Quartus version is installed. 


I have at least 3 different versions of Quartus installed but it doesn't seem to recognize any of them. I have tried uninstalling and re installing but nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Hi deb, 

I had exactly the same issue with my newly arrived Cyclone V Dev kit. 


I was a bit confused as to whether Version 12.1.1 meant Quartus V12.1 with sp1. 


Anyway, I tried  

Kit Installation 12.1.1 with Quartus 12.1 sp1 - didn't work - similar message to yours 

Kit Installation 12.1.0 with Quartus 12.1 sp1 - total failure 


Then I followed the procedure in the quick start menu ("Step 3") to load and run the BTS from the Kit Installation 12.1.1 files. 

It all looks good now, the BTS runs. 


I think the board and software was probably all ok, it was just that I had not realised that the DEV board boots to run the portal application(D25 lit on my board),  

not the BTS application. 

The BTS needs the PGM_SEL button pressed and then PGM_Config to select and run the BTS application, D26 lit on my board. 

The Portal and BTS apps seem to be mutually exclusive. 

I havn't explored the D27 lit application, if any, yet. 


Summary ( for my Cyclone V Dev kit ) 


Kit Installation 12.1.1 with Quartus 12.1 sp1 + loading and running the BTS app from the 12.1.1 kit files as per quick start guide works. 

The loading may have been redundant. 

BTS does not run at power-up, it has to be selected by PGM_SEL and run by PGM_Config 


Cheers, Steve
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I am using the arria V starter kit and I've had similar problems. I use quartus II, the standalone programmer v 12.1 sp1 build 243 and Win 7 x64. Documents in the board test kit directory suggest that the programming files were built using v 12.1 sp1 build 243 of Quartus. 



  • I restored the board to factory defaults, as described in the user guide. 

  • I ran the "qreg.exe --force --jtag –-setqdir" command from the "\qprogrammer\bin" directory for the v 12.1 sp1 build 243 programmer. This was advised in http://www.altera.co.uk/support/kdb/solutions/rd01292013_416.html

  • I ran "BoardTestSystem.exe" from the "\examples\board_test_system\" directory from the starter kit install location. This moaned about a missing Java directory. So I renamed and copied the jre1.6.0_07 folder from the "\examples\board_test_system\" directory to the location given in the dialog box. 



After running Quartus II 13 the "BoardTestSystem.exe" said that the wrong version of Quartus II was being used. To fix this I ran "qreg.exe --force --jtag –-setqdir" command as described above. 


On my setup the configure menu of the Board Test System GUI has the many FPGA configurations greyed out. As a work around, I closed the Board Test System GUI and then programmed the .sof files using the Quartus programmer for the particular demonstration mode that I wished to run. Once programming was complete I reset using the CPU reset button and started the Board Test System GUI. 


Hope this is of help.
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I have another way to make it works: 

1) start quartus 12.1 sp1 (quartus environment variable is automatically updated) 

2) download manually 1 of available sof (...\examples\board_test_system\sof\) 

3) start BoardTestSystem.exe. close the program and download another .sof to test something else.
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